Tiger Front Suspension Package


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Dales Restorations has done it again, engineering the best in Sunbeam performance products.

Dales Restorations now offers the only fully engineered and computer designed replacement front suspension for the Sunbeam Tiger. All aspects of steering geometry and anti-drive have been taken into consideration resulting in a front suspension that dramatically improves handling, braking and ride quality.

This is not a kit cobbled together with off the shelf parts, but a fully engineered and custom CNC fabricated Crossmember and A-arms that will give the strength and performance that is available with a Dales Restorations front suspension.

The front Crossmember, upper and lower A-arms are cut on a CNC laser, fixtured and welded, resulting in parts held to close tolerances, dimensional stability and superb strength. Dales Restorations decided to use fabricated A-arms over lower cost tubular A-arms because of the inherent torsional weakness of the tubular arm.

Dales Restorations front suspension is fully adjustable. Camber, caster and bump steer are easily adjusted. The steering rack position can be adjusted to compensate for ride height and alignment settings.

Package Specifications

Nominal limits of adjustment:

Dales Restorations has logged over 3,000 miles and many Autocrosses on this suspension and it performs flawlessly. The ride quality is equal to my wife's Lexus RX 350, the performance aspect I could only wish to have in my vintage race Tiger.

Here are the specs as measured on our test car:

  • Camber: 1/2 degree negative
  • Caster: 5 degrees
  • Toe: 1/16" out
  • Rate of Camber: /1" of suspension travel 1 3/8" negative/1" of travel
  • Rate of bump steer: .080" for the first 1", decreasing thereafter

    Package Contents

    The suspension package includes:

    • Crossmember
    • Upper and lower A-arms
    • Spindles & ball joints
    • Custom steering rack and tie rod ends
    • Sway bar 1" x .188 wall with arms and urethane mounts
    • Steering u-joints and bearing support bracket hardware

    Complete hardware package					$4300.00 

    Package Options

    Coil over shocks:
        QA1/Carerra single adjustable = $365.00/pr

        QA1 9-400 = $94.00/pr
        Swift 080-250-400 = $148.00/pr

    Sway bar:
        1" x .125 wall hollow bar = $100.00
        1" x .188 wall hollow bar = $110.00
        1" x .250 wall hollow bar = $120.00
        1" solid bar = $125.00
        3 position adjustable arms for fine tuning = To Be Determined

    Matching Brake Kit

    Dales Restorations has brake and hub kits for 4 or 5 lug applications. Brake kits with 10.25 to 13" diameter rotors to accommodate 13" to 17" wheels. Dales Restorations also has kits to adapt brake kits previously purchased from Dales Restorations.

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